2019 Festival Medallion Quest Rules



  • No purchase is necessary to participate or win.

  • Employees of Salina Arts & Humanities or SAH Foundation Board members and their families are not eligible to win.

  • Participants assume all risk and release the City of Salina, Salina Arts & Humanities and the Salina Arts & Humanities Foundation from liability, for any injuries or damages to themselves.

  • Clues will NOT be given over the phone or via email.

  • Objects will be easy to remove from their locations and WILL NOT require, climbing, digging, tools or ladders.

  • The objects are located on public property within the Salina city limits, which may include City parks.

  •      Curfews hours for all City parks remain in effect during the Quest and are posted at each park.

  •  NOTHING will be hidden:

    • At Kenwood or Oakdale Parks

    • On Private Property

    • On Salina Airport Authority Property

  • The Medallion and all Tokens will be easy to identify because they will have a message and contact information attached or written directly on them.

  • DO NOT post any photos on social media of an object until it has been officially confirmed to be genuine.

  • Once the Medallion has been confirmed as found, the public will be notified of the time and place where the official press conference and award presentation will take place.  Notification will be posted on the Festival Medallion Quest and Smoky Hill River Festival websites, through participating local media partners and physically outside the west entrance of the Salina Arts & Humanities Office at 211 W. Iron Ave.

  • All Prize Rules apply.

  • Each family can claim up to two prizes total.  If a family claims more than one Token Prize Package, they will not be eligible to claim the Medallion Prize Package.