2019 Clues Explained


  1. Thank you N.Y.A! Please remember to raise your sights to achieve   success. N.Y.A. stands for the National Youth Administration created as part of the New Deal. In 1937, youths employed by the National Youth Administration (NYA), a division of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), constructed a building of native stone that became known as the “KIVA” in Thomas Park. For many years the Kiva served as the headquarters for the Girl Scouts. Raise you sights in reference to the fact the token was raised on the flag pole near the KIVA. Italic T and P for Thomas Park. 

  2. Not a member of this political dynasty, but a “star” of our solar system. Kennedy Park while named Kennedy is clearly not a member of this political family. However, the park is situated, like the sun, in the center of the planets in our solar system. The streets Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn are in close proximity surrounding this park.

  3. Water, wooden path and meadow. Are you a member? Italics provide the hint of water (lake) and wooden (wood). Path and meadow provide a further detail that the token will be located next to both a path and a meadow. Are you a member provides a clue to the token itself which advertises Rock Climbers of America.

  4. “Nosey Groundskeeper” “Nosey” refers directly to the common English term Nosey Parker and “Groundskeeper” refers to someone who takes care of parks, Parker being an old English term for someone who takes care of parks. Both references are directly from the name Parker Park.

  5. A familiar axis. “Familiar” is a synonym for friend and “axis” is a synonym for center. Put the two together and you get another way of saying Friendship Center which is located in Centennial Park.

  6. An old Spaniard who is the last to start, but the first to finish. “Old” refers to the fact that tortoise are known to live a very long time. The last to start and the first to finish refers to Aesop’s fable The Tortoise and the Hare.  The name of the Tortoise sculpture in Jerry Ivy is Poca a Poco Se Va Lelos.  which is Spanish for slow and steady wins the race, also a reference to Aesop’s fable.

  7. Medallion - Cipher Alphabet – SHIFT IT (This is a Caesar cipher with a shift of 1)







Plot the points 123 456 and piece it together. Shapes bring order and the arrow points the way.

Plotting the points and connecting 123 and 456 creates two interlocking shapes which in turn generates the puzzle pieces found on the tokens. When pieced together properly, the arrow on one of the tokens points directly to the park where the 2019 Medallion is hidden.


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