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Festival Medallion


Eleven years ago The Festival Medallion Quest ( FMQ) began as a way to bring families together and out into the landscape to celebrate the arts in a different way.​ Over the years families have searched side by side, solved riddles and endeavored to find Medallion. The Quest has grown larger each year and now you can actually feel the collective buzz in the air as the first day of the Quest draws close.  It marks the official beginning of summer and the countdown to the River Festival.


Looking to the future, FMQ has been redesigned to engage a more diverse group of problem solvers.  Building on the tradition of success, we have created a multi layered game that builds as each day passes. The new game will better serve existing players while enticing new people to participate in an experience that allows people of all ages, abilities and talents to celebrate the arts, connect with

others and join the adventure. 

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