Layer One- On this page, six separate clues will be revealed, one at a time.  Each of the six clues leads to an object called a Token.  Once found, each Token can be exchanged for a prize.


Layer Two- As each Token is found and a prize is claimed, a visual puzzle is revealed to the public. Each of the six puzzles must be solved.


Layer Three- Once all six puzzles are solved, if combined correctly, the answers will reveal the final clue that leads to the Medallion.  When the Medallion is claimed, this year’s Quest is over.

If FMQ chooses to release additional clues after the 6th clue has been posted

it will do so here and at the onsite location.

Thank you N.Y.A! Please remember to raise your sights to achieve success.

Not a member of this political dynasty, but a “star” of our solar system.

Water, wooden path and meadow. Are you a member?

“Nosey Groundskeeper”

A familiar axis.

An old Spaniard who is the last to start, but the first to finish.

Token 3.png
Token 6.png

A pin will mark the approximate location of each token as they are found and claimed.


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June, 2021
Salina, Kansas